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Our Value Chain

With almost 60 years of building and evolving our experience and expertise in the feed, food and chemical industries, we promise to keep adding value across the chain to ensure the highest quality for our customers, while also maintaining integrity, sustainability and traceability from our farms to consumer’s fridge.


We are agents and distributers for a range of top industrial chemicals, polymer producers and veterinary products. We manage the supply of regional markets with a range of high quality chemical products that ensure our client satisfaction.

Storage & Transportation

With over 60-thousand-meter square of storage warehouse space, our group owns one of the largest warehouse complex for chemical storage and production. With our own fleet of trucks transporting hundreds of tonnes per day, we can satisfy our client’s needs and deliver their requirements of industrial, animal and public health chemical products.

Processing & Distribution

We own and operate one of the biggest Akzo Nobel licensed paint manufacturing facilities in the country, which supplies our customers with decorative paints and protective coatings. In addition, we also produce chemical disinfectants and public hygiene products for our animal and public health sectors under British company license Evans Vanodine. Hammoudeh also produces its own plastic bottles, cups and gallons which we use for our food and paint products. This is done using our personally procured raw materials.