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Our Value Chain

With almost 60 years of building and evolving our experience and expertise in the feed, food and chemical industries, we promise to keep adding value across the chain to ensure the highest quality for our customers, while also maintaining integrity, sustainability and traceability from our farms to consumer’s fridge.


Hammoudeh has over 50 years of experience in poultry and dairy farming. We always invest greatly in the wellbeing and quality of our livestock and birds, ensuring they receive optimal quality feed and live in a proper farm climate and environment to keep our 4 million birds and 2500 Holstein cows happy.

Processing & Distribution

Hammoudeh is proud to own one of the most advanced dairy and cheese plants in the country and the region. With over 100 tonnes of liters supplied daily, our dairy and cheese plant both ISO and HACCP certified follow strict quality measures and produce a wide variety of cheeses and dairy products which are consumed locally and regionally.

Our table eggs are hand-picked and graded inside a grading center which uses the latest technology to check the egg quality and weight before being properly packed into different grades and size.

Same applies to our poultry slaughterhouse. With a capacity of over 10000 birds per hour, our slaughterhouse follows very strict quality and control measures to ensure the safety of our employees, consumers and their families.

R & D

Our finished products are checked through our ISO and HACCP approved laboratories and sent off for distribution across the country and to neighboring countries using our own 250+ distribution fleet.