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Our Value Chain

With almost 60 years of building and evolving our experience and expertise in the feed, food and chemical industries, we promise to keep adding value across the chain to ensure the highest quality for our customers, while also maintaining integrity, sustainability and traceability from our farms to consumer’s fridge.


We supply our farms and feed mills with highest quality ingredients of yellow maize, soybean meal and other feed products from North & South America. Our procurements are executed with first class suppliers who can ensure our quality targets are met.

Storage & Transportation

With over 70 thousand tonnes of storage capacity for both yellow maize and soybean meal, we store our raw materials in a proper and safe environment to ensure optimal quality. Additionally, as we own our transportation fleet with different carrying capacities, we give our clients and farmers the choice and flexibility to have their grains transported to their sites at their convenience.

Process & Distribution

We produce high quality feed products ranging from breeders, layers, broilers, day old chicks and cattle feed. Our feed products are distributed all around Jordan to our farms and other farmers using our own specialized feed trucks.