Hammoudeh Food Industries

Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. was established in 1987 and is part of the Hammoudeh group of companies first founded in 1962. Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. is considered one of the leading manufacturing institutions in Jordan. With a focus on sourcing local raw materials and the employment of a skilled Jordanian workforce, the company ranks among the most advanced national industries in the kingdom.

Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. depends primarily on fresh milk, sourced from its own farm, to produce a wide range of dairy products. These mainly include milk, yoghurt, cheeses and juices. The specialized factory located in the Marka district of the capital Amman, is equipped with advanced machinery and utilizes the latest technologies throughout its production processes.

The Hammoudeh brand name has achieved a great reputation and popularity within the Jordanian market. By virtue of the company’s emphasis on product quality and its commitment to the consumer’s health and wellbeing, Hammoudeh products have become a symbol of health and quality.

Coping with Global Developments


In order to keep pace with global advances in manufacturing technology and to maintain the highest international standards throughout the production process, the Hammoudeh dairy factory underwent a major expansion in 2008. The existing buildings were modernized and a new state of the art warehouse was built.
The factory was refitted with modern machines and new production lines, resulting in a three-fold increase in production capacity, giving it the capability of processing 24 tons per hour . The new Hammoudeh factory is considered to be medium sized on the global scale.

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Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. Ltd.

Management: Mr. Sami A. H Hammoudeh
Sales & Marketing: Mr. Ali Atout
E-mail: ali.atout@hammoudehdairy.com
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