Day Old Chicks

Broiler Chicks:

The idea came in 1970 to continuously supply the local market with day old broiler chicks or hatching eggs, which in the past were imported from outside and hatched in Jordan.

Hammoudeh depends solely on the hatching eggs produced at its own breeder farms, which practice precautionary & tough biosecurity measures and are equipped with the latest technologies to raise healthy broiler chicken breeders. It produced 24 million chicks during 2000.

Hammoudeh’s policy also requires raising each generation of chicks in a separate location, to promote production of the best quality eggs and to prevent the inter-generational spread of disease.

Layer Chicks:

Hammoudeh began its entry into producing day old layer chicks in 1977 with a partnership with famous businessman, Mr. Mousa Friji (Agricultural Eng 1957).

Establishing an operation for layer sector under the name of Jordan Poultry Breeding Company having separate breeder farms and hatcheries that pay special attention to biosecurity and air supply.

Layer chicks operation has been a leader in the Jordanian market, introducing and promoting new technologies and ideas.
It is the largest layer chicks producer in Jordan, holding well above 40% of the local market. It deals with the most famous breeding company in the World, LOHMANN TierZucht.

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