Jordan Grain Handling & Milling Co. (JGHM), a division of Hammoudeh Group, it specializes in storing agricultural commodities, mainly corn and soy meal. Founded in 1997 and began its activities in 1999 it’s located in Al-Jeeza (Airport Road) on a 35 thousand m2 plot of land. The company has 8 storage silos for corn with a total storage capacity of 50,000 MT; it is equipped with state of the art monitoring and control system.

Moreover it has two flat storage hangers for storing soy meal with a total storage capacity of 25,000MT. The company has the added capability to expand the corn capacity by another four silos each with a holding capacity of around 5700 MT, it all depends on the local market conditions and demand expectations.

Hammoudeh Grain (a division of Hammoudeh Group) is a buyer and supplier of agricultural commodities, mainly corn and soy meal from various producing countries such as Argentina, Brazil and the United States of America. JGHM provides a service for Hammoudeh Grain by storing all its commodities at its facilities.

Combining the Group’s unparalleled knowledge of commodities trading with its substantial strength and local presence, Hammoudeh Grain has become one of Jordan’s leading trading companies; supplying farmers with the finest quality grains from the best sources under high class standards ( GIPSA & GAFTA Quality standards).

With its dedicated team of professionals & its strong ties with the COFCO Group, Hammoudeh Grain is committed to being a major buyer and supplier of environmentally sound products, mitigating local market changes in supply and demand to meet on-going needs of its valued customers.

Moreover, Hammoudeh Grain owns a fleet of trucks whose sole purpose is to provide an extra service to our customers by delivering commodities to their final destination according to customer request.

This gives us an added ability to supply goods where we want & most importantly when we want.

Highly Skilled


Jordan Grain has established first-class contacts in producing countries, providing the essential links to satisfy the expectations and requirements of consumers.

Jordan Grain’s dedicated team of professionals provides specific, complementary skills in negotiation, sales, transport & finance. Moreover, we have been highly successful in forging strong business and personal relationships with key people in all sectors based on mutual trust and understanding.

Supply Management

Bridging the gap between producers and consumers whilst matching specific qualities and requirements, coupled with the ability to deliver goods in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, is the key to successfully trading agricultural commodities.

We cover all areas of the kingdom, supplying on a daily basis farmers and feed plants. It is increasingly becoming harder to judge what customers want but our ability to anticipate and satisfy each customer’s specific requirements stems from our team of professionals each of them having some specific skill all of which culminates to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Our guaranteed Service

 Special attention is paid to the selection and quality control of all commodities shipped, from origin to final destination. Each shipment is systematically sampled by our team at port of discharge.

Sets of samples are drawn by us uniformly and systematically, concurrently with loading and discharging, at the nearest and best practicable point to the vessel in accordance with the method laid down by GAFTA. One set of samples is sent to the laboratory where it is well mixed and reduced to constitute one average sample of the total shipped quantity for determination of the quality.
No goods are sold unless all results meet our stringent criteria for 1st class corn and soy meal.

We continually inform our customers of any market developments, expected shipments and any other useful information. We continually aim to meet and exceed customer requirements.


Grain can be stored for several years, providing proper conditions exist, with little or no detectable loss of quality. Under improper conditions, however, grain can begin to spoil within a few hours. Grain spoilage is the result of bacteria and fungi using grain nutrients for growth and reproductive process.

These microorganisms can produce heat during growth that can increase the temperature of stored grain. The result can be HEAT DAMAGE that renders the grain unfit for human consumption or even animal feed. The major influences on the growth of these microorganisms in grain include: moisture, temperature, oxygen supply, condition of grain, storage time, initial infestation and the amount of foreign material.

To reduce the effect of the last factor the facility is equipped with the only filtering system (DUST CLEANER) in the kingdom, it used for all commodities entering and leaving our facility.

As the name implies it reduces considerably the amount of dust and foreign material present in the commodities.
Other methods are also employed to reduce the effect of other factors, these methods include efficient aeration system, grain turning techniques and physical checks looking for bad order and any color change in the grain.

Setting the Standard

Our enthusiasm and willingness to always do a better job is the distinguishing factor between our competitors and us. For years Hammoudeh Grain has built very successful relations with farmers and has through increased market knowledge been able to meet specific customer needs.

We are continually looking for new ideas, new products and new customers; we set the standard for efficiency, quality, service and most importantly customer satisfaction.


Setting standards for traders, merchants and farmers

We subscribe to our code, which for years has been at the heart of our success as a business moreover as an organization. Not all traders abide or even have such a code. Buying from a company that subscribes to such a code gives you more confidence.

Our code sets minimum standards of good service that you should expect from grain traders or even merchants. The following tells you about the key commitments and responsibilities to YOU under OUR code.

In subscribing to OUR code, we promise to do the following:

  1. Act fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you by :

    • Making sure all our products and services meet the standards of code and your expectations;
    • Considering cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and positively; and
    • Making sure our products and services meet relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Help you to understand how our products and services work by :

    • Giving you information about them and about substitutes commodities if any
    • Explain their nutritional implications;
    • Give you insight in to how they should be stored to maintain quality;
    • Make sure your needs are satisfied; and
    • Continually updating you on any changes that may affect you, if any.
  3. Deal with things that go wrong quickly and sympathetically by :

    • Correcting mistakes quickly
    • Handling your complaints quickly
    • Telling you how to take your complaint forward if you are still not satisfied; and
    • Canceling any charges that may have taken place due to our mistake.
  4. Allow Relationships to flourish by :

    • Gaining Mutual Trust;
    • Gaining Mutual Respect; and
    • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction at every stage of our service.
  5. Make sure our staff is trained to put OUR code into practice :



Jordan Grain Handling & Milling Co. Ltd

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Operations Manager: Mr. Bashar Hammoudeh
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