Table Eggs

Although Hammoudeh has been involved in table eggs’ production since the 1970s, but it was till mid-2003 when they launched the Sunny eggs into the Jordanian market, and was the first company to dare to launch branded eggs in Jordan due to governmental regulations.

Hammoudeh Sunny eggs are produced using the most modern and highly mechanized facilities in the industry, providing maximum performance and high standards for product excellence.

The environmentally controlled housing and computer technology to control egg flow, quality control, and packaging assure that Sunny eggs are never touched until they are handled by the consumer.

The brand was launched in non-traditional clear transparent plastic packs to assure the protection, handling and storing of the egg. SUNNY EGGS come in different pack sizes and weight categories. In the recent years with the increase health conscious worldwide and in the local market, Sunny Eggs was the first to produce OMEGA3 enriched eggs.

Our operations enjoy the advantages of having a fully integrated operation with complete control over its production and distribution system. This allows stricter control over quality and minimizes delays in moving eggs and products to market to ensure the freshest egg possible. So, when shopping for eggs, choose the egg with the Sunny stamp.

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Sales & Marketing: Husam AlKhawaldeh
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